Services We Offer

We provide you with the business services you need to grow, taking the time to understand your business so we can help you achieve your goals.

Customized Solutions

We work with business owners at all stages of the business lifecycle. We customize business, financial, and tax solutions so you can plan for and manage your specific needs.

Polaris Consulting offers the following business and financial solutions.

Business Planning

Helping small to medium-sized businesses reduce expenses and plan for the future.​

Business Reviews

Strategizing with you to unveil risks and opportunities so you can move in the most beneficial direction for you.​

Cash Flow Consulting

Helping you make more confident, lasting financial decisions for your company.​

Corporation Planning

Making long-term plans to reach goals such as business growth and sales volumes​.​

Income Tax Planning

Helping to reduce our clients’ tax liability so they can achieve their financial goals.​

Partnership Planning

Putting together a roadmap to implement actions necessary to start up and grow your company.​

QuickBooks Setup

Getting your books set up in an easy-to-maintain manner and training you so you save time.​

Tax Issue Consulting

Addressing tax, legislative, and regulatory developments impacting business operations​.​

Tax Planning

Maximizing your after-tax income by going beyond tax compliance to recommend tax saving strategies.​